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सत्यमेव जयते
राजभाषा विभाग
Department of Official Language

Government of India

Ministry of Home Affairs

Department of Official Language


Committees constituted for guidance and monitoring of the implementation of Official Language Policy


A)    For Guidance

1.      Kendriya Hindi Samiti

·        Chairman – Hon’ble Prime Minister

·        Members – Union Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of State for Home Affairs, Six other Ministers of Central Ministries, Chief Ministers of six States, Vice-chairman and Convener of the Committee of Parliament on Official Language, Hindi Scholars, Social Workers, Journalists.

·        Objective- Apex Committee for policy formulation regarding Official Language - - To establish coordination among various programmes related with the propagation and progressive use of Hindi in various Ministries/Departments of Government of India.

·        The Committee was reconstituted on 13.11.2009.

·        The last meeting of the Committee (30th) was held on 28-07-2011.

B)   For Guidance and Monitoring

1.      Committee of Parliament on Official Language (The Committee was constituted in 1976 under Section 4 of the Official Languages Act,1963)

·        Chairman - Hon’ble Minister of Home Affairs

·        Vice-chairman - Vice-chairman is nominated by the Chairman for the execution of day to day work.

·        Members – 30 Member of Parliament (20 members from House of People, 10 members from Council of States)

·        Terms of Reference - To review the progress made in the use of Hindi for the official purposes and submit a report to the President making recommendations thereon.

·        Committee is divided into three sub-committees for carrying out the work.  Three conveners are nominated by the Chairman for this purpose.

·        The authenticated copies of the report are laid on the table of Parliament and comments on the recommendations are solicited from the ministries/departments of Central Government & State Governments/Union territories : In the light of comments and constitutional provisions, a draft of the Presidential orders is prepared.

·        The Presidential orders have been issued on the recommendations made in 8 parts of the Report submitted by the Committee till date.


2.         Hindi Salahkar Samitis of ministries/departments -

·        Chairmanship by the Ministers of the concerned ministries.

·        Members – 15 non-official members, officers of ministries/departments. Secretary, Department of Official Language and Joint Secretary, Department of Official Language are regularly invited to participate in the meetings of Hindi Salahkar Sammittees constituted in various ministries/departments.

·        Objective: To advise about implementation of official language policy in ministries/departments of Central Government.

·        Target of organizing minimum of two meeting during a year.

·        Constituted in 54 Ministries/Departments. The constitution of the Samiti in Ministry of Minority Affairs is under consideration.

C.        For Monitoring

      1.         Central Official Language Implementation Committee

·        Chairman – Secretary, Department of Official Language

·        Members – Officers of the rank of Joint Secretary or of higher ranks in various ministries/departments dealing with the implementation of Official Language Policy.

·        Objective : To review training of the employees of Central Government and  implementation of the instructions issued by the Department of Official Language and to suggest measures to overcome the problems noticed in compliance therein.

·        35 meetings of the Committee have been held till date.


     2.         Departmental Official Language Implementation Committees

·        Chairman – Joint Secretary or officers of higher rank, who are dealing with official language implementation in the Department.

·        Members Officers of the departments and attached and subordinate offices and the representative of the Department of Official Language.

·        Objective To review of quarterly Progress Reports and to suggest the measures to achieve the targets of Annual Programme.

·        Official Language Implementation Committees have been constituted in all the ministries/departments and offices.


     3.         Town Official Language Implementation Committees

·        Chairman – Senior most officer in the officers appointed in the Central Government offices situated in the town.

·        Members – Heads of the member offices of central government situated in the town.

·        Objective – To coordinate the work of implementation of official language Policy in Central government offices situated in the town.

·        Separate Committees have been constituted for undertakings, banks and other Central Government offices in some of the towns.  Out of the total 274 Town official language Implementation Committees constituted till date, 13 committees have been constituted for Public Sector undertakings and 26 for Banks.